Let the Sun Shine In

Since light plus love equals Healing, it makes sense to bring in as much light and love as possible into any situation that calls for a healing. The more light from any of the methods (clearing charkas, energy healing work, crystals and so on), the better.

Sun GoddessSunshine has been a healing treatment dating back to ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, in addition to other countries and cultures. For instance, in Greece and Rome, physicians would send patients to a “soleria” for exposure to healing sun rays. Hippocrates, the Grecian “Father of Medicine” prescribed “heliotherapy” (healing with sunshine) in his writings and for his patients. And in the 1800s, doctors treated tuberculosis with sun exposure, because of the sun’s ability to kill bacteria associated with this disease and its related infections.

Many ancient civilizations literally worshipped the Sun. Those in Aztec, Mayn, Egyptian, Celtic, Persian, Greek, Roman and other cultrures prayed to sun gods for help and healings. Solar ceramonies praised the sun for its life-giving force. The early Christian (especially Catholic) churches called this pagan worship a sin and began strongly discouraging its practice. Yet the references to sun worship are still evident, especially on Sunday of each week.

The love part of the healing equation comes from prayer and calling upon Heaven’s help. Angels, as pure, egoless beings, brings both light and love into any situation. When Angelic invocation and intervention is combined with additional sources of light, it opens the door to profound healings.

An Italian adage says: Dove il sole non entra il dottore, which means, “When the sun doesn’t enter, the doctor does. “

Statistically , more people die of diseases associated with sunlight deprivation than do people with skin cancer. As with everything, moderation is important when it comes to sun exposure – - it certainly isn’t wise to get sunburned, yet it’s also unwise to avoid the sun completely.

Happy SunSeasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects millions. During Winter months, people with SAD experience depression, become lethargic, sleep excessively, crave carbohydrates, gain weight, lose interest in doing things with other people, often feel guilty and feel a lack of excitement about life in general. Symptoms improve when SAD suffers are exposed to full-sprectrum lighting.

Sunlight increases mental and physical performance. Sunlight has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase the bloody supply to organs and muscles, increase oxygen supply in body tissue and increase glyogen (stored energy) in the muscles and liver.

Let the Sun Shine InSunlight has general Wellness Benefits. In addition to increasing our Vitamin D supply, sunlight has an insulin-like effect that is beneficial for diabectics. Exercising outside in the sun lowers the lactic-acid count, which can reduce muscular pain from a workout. Sunshine exposure also lowers serum cholesterol and seems to increase our tolerance of stress because it lowers our resting heart, blood pressure and resspiratory rates.

Biologically we’re meant to be exposed to sunlight for health and happiness. Our hemoglobin pigments (red blood cells) are virtually identical to the chlorophyll in plants. Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy and food for the plant’s growth and health. In a similar way, our body benefits from sunlight exposure.

SO, enjoying a moderate¬† amount of sunshine in the morning or late afternoon (when UV levels aren’t as strong), appears to be important for our health.

Exposing ourselves to sunrises and sunsets connects us to the natural earth rhythms, which helps us have better timing and puts us in the synchronistic flow of life. Ideally, we should witness the sunrises and sunsets outdoors without sunglasses so our bodies can absorb the light fully. However, even watching the sun rise and set through a window is better than not seeing it all.

We are Spirits upon a Beautiful Planet that has physically based light sources ~~ the Sun, Moon and the Stars. They support and heal us. Light is a tool available to everyone, FREE of Charge. When coupled with LOVE the possibilities are endless ….

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